10 Plastic Free Christmas Gifts Under £10

The modern day Christmas celebration is full of excessive plastic packaging and waste.

It's time for everyone to make the switch to more eco-friendly gifts which are not only high quality and beautifully designed, but packaged in eco-friendly materials that avoid any single-use plastic.

Here are 10 Plastic Free Christmas Gifts for under £10:

Bamboo Toothbrush - £2.50

The SaveSomeGreen Bamboo Toothbrushes are 100% genuine panda friendly. That means they use fertiliser and pesticide-free moso bamboo, which pandas don't eat.

Naturally sustainable, these compostable toothbrushes come with minimal, biodegradable paper packaging.

Choose from either soft or medium bristles for adults. Right now, the shop also has a very limited quantity of kids and compact head sizes in stock.

Cacao Pow Deo Bar

Natural Deodorant - £10 and under

The Weekly Shop has 22 tried and tested plastic free deodorants currently in stock. From citrus to floral scents, to unscented bars, there are plenty of choices for both men and women.

Choose from traditional 'deodorant bars' to creme forumulas packaged in reusable aluminium pots.

All the brands are British, most are vegan and all help you eliminate plastic as part of a zero waste lifestyle. 

All the plastic free deodorants stocked in the shop should last the user between 3-6 months.

Founder's Favourite: Diana LOVES the range from Elsa's Organic Skinfoods. But remember, like every personal care product, each one works slightly differently for everyone.

Rainbow stainless steel straws

Stainless Steel Straw - £2

We all know by now how damaging plastic straws can be to oceans, waterways and the animals and wildlife who mistake them for food.

The shop stocks reusable stainless steel straws in gold, copper, silver and the very popular rainbow colour!

Shampoo Bar - £10 and under

The shop's curation of shampoo bars replace 2-3 plastic bottles of shampoo and are super simple to use. Simply lather the bar in your hands and apply to your hair. Rinse as usual. 

The shop has many brands in stock, so choose your favourite scent and formula.

The vegan Lavender and Rose shampoo bar from The Printed Peanut was the runaway bestseller last year - flying off the table at the shop's pop up stalls.

 Mirins Lip Balm

Lip Balm - £7.99

The Rosemary and Grapefruit Lip Balm from Mirins Copenhagen is a luxurious and soothing plastic free lip balm that is excellent for weather-beaten or chapped lips.

For alternative scents, browse the shop's full collection of lip balms here

Tabitha Eve None Sponge

Reusable Kitchen Sponge - £5-7.99

Buying someone a sponge for Christmas might seem like an odd gift choice, until you see the beautiful patterns of the Tabitha Eve reusable kitchen sponges.

These high quality sponges are made in Wales and last up to a year - simple toss them in the washing machine. At the end of their life, throw them in your backyard compost pile.

Choose from the softer None Sponges which come in a pack of two for general clean up and lightly soiled dishes.

The Tough None Sponges are perfect for heavily soiled surfaces and pots and pans that need more scrubbing!

Tabitha Eve Reusable Makeup Rounds

Reusable Cotton Rounds - £5.60

The reusable Tabitha Eve Organic Cotton & Bamboo Make Up Rounds are perfect for anyone who loves beauty products or skincare.

They replace single-use cotton rounds and are ideal for removing eye makeup or applying toner.

The shop sells the reusable makeup pads in a set of 5. Simply pop them in the washing machine in between use. These are handmade in Wales.

Ecostardust Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable Glitter - £6

Perfect for holiday parties or next summer's music festivals, EcoStardust biodegradable glitter is made from a plant cellulose derived predominantly from non-GMO sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.

Ecostardust is female founded and is run in Bristol. The company puts its environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free ethos at the forefront of all its products.

Choose from 5 sparkly shades including the speckled pink Unicorn Dreams and the mermaid-inspired Poseidon.

The Weekly Shop cotton drawstring bag

Reusable Cotton Grocery Bags - £3.75

The Weekly Shop's Cotton Drawstring Bag is perfect for making sure your 'weekly shop' is a plastic free one. 

You can take the bag to your nearest bulk foods / refill shop or aisle and fill up on pasta, oats, granola or whatever you need.

You could also buy bread and rolls at your supermarket bakery, or fill up on small fruit or nuts at the local farmer's market.  

At 30cm x 25cm it's a convenient size to always keep in your bag, especially if you often spontaneously hit the shops for your lunchtime sandwich - keep one of these bags on hand to stop those spontaneous plastic uses. 

Chewsy Plastic Free Gum

Plastic Free Gum - £2.60

Chewsy plastic free gum is the all-natural alternative to regular chewing gum, which is packed with chemicals such as plastic, aspartame, artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Chewsy gum contains only natural ingredients, and nothing else. Choose for Peppermint or Spearmint.

It's the perfect stocking filler for those you'd like to slowly nudge down the path of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Hope you've enjoyed browsing through these 10 ideas for a plastic free gifts.

    If you're also looking for gift wrap, check out the shop's collection of plastic free gift wrap, which includes biodegradable tape, reusable fabric wrap and twine.

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