How to Keep Your Beeswax Wraps Fresh

What are beeswax wraps?

Beeswax wraps are an all-natural, plastic free & reusable replacement for cling film. The wraps sold in The Weekly Shop are all made with organic cotton fabric with beeswax sourced from British farms. 

The wraps allow your food to breathe and preserves it better than in plastic. You will get 3-4 more days out of your loaf of bread, your greens and herbs will stay nice and crunchy for around one week and your sandwiches won’t sweat when you unwrap them come lunch time.

The wraps are expected to last for at least a year, but they can certainly last longer if you take care of them.

Taking care of your wraps

For everyday cleaning and maintenance, simply wash the wraps with soap and cold water and hang them to dry. 

Over time, the beeswax will naturally start to crease and crack with use. But there's a trick for this!

Every few months, pop your wraps onto a tray and place them in the oven for around 1 minute at a very low temperature (try around 90 degrees Celsius).

The wax will melt, filling in the cracks and your wrap will come out looking fresh! You can add extra beeswax pellets if you like, but this isn't necessary.

When your wrap finally comes to the end of its life, pop it in your home compost bin!

Hopefully this handy little trick helps with your own beeswax wraps! If you've never tried one or want to get one as a gift for a friend, check out the shop's current selection of beeswax wraps.