October's Plastic Pollution News & Headlines

The issue of plastic pollution is spreading around the world and new legislature, corporate commitments and statistics are being released every few weeks!

Here are 6 of the top headlines from around the world related to plastic pollution for October 2019.


Coca-Cola Named The World’s Most Polluting Brand in Plastic Waste Audit

A global audit of plastic rubbish has found that Coca Cola is the world's largest plastic polluter. 

In a recent global litter pick up effort which saw 475,000 pieces of plastic picked up and documented, 11,732 items were Coca Cola items. 

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Waitrose and John Lewis to stop putting plastic toys in Christmas crackers

Summary: Both Waitrose and John Lewis plan to cut out plastic toys from Christmas crackers, starting NEXT year.

Toys will be "made from recyclable materials and will not use plastic glitter," says the BBC.

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Argentina could become 'sacrificial country' for plastic waste, say activists

Argentina has changed its definition of 'waste' which means that it could import millions of tonnes plastic waste from the US.

According to The Guardian, "the country’s president, Mauricio Macri, signed a decree in August reclassifying some materials destined for recycling as commodities instead of waste, allowing looser oversight of mixed and contaminated plastic scraps that are difficult to process, and are often dumped or incinerated.

Social and environmental groups say the decree is illegal and bucks a global trend toward improving controls over waste imports."

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Plastic pollution: A global problem with local solutions

An article from The Vancouver sun highlights plastic pollution news from Canada. According to this article, a new Environment Canada report shows that only nine per cent of Canadian plastics are recycled.

"About 86 per cent gets dumped in landfills. Worldwide, nine million tonnes of plastic gets dumped into the ocean every year, with the pace expected to increase," the article states.

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What's lacking in our plastic laws? The Philippines needs to catch up where regulating plastic use is concerned

The Philippines is one of the top entry points of plastic pollution leaking into oceans. 

At the moment, no laws exist which regulate plastic use in the country at the national level.

According to this article from Rappler, "lawmakers have filed several measures in the 18th Congress banning single-use plastics."

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What's in the government's new environment bill?

In the UK, new charges on single-use plastics, like the plastic bag tax, are being prepared by ministers.

But many local environmentalists say the government's efforts aren't enough.  

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