German company Hydrophil ("for the love of water") offers plastic free products for the bathroom that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, water neutral and vegan

The company was founded by Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, three friends from Hamburg.

Whenever possible, the company resorts to natural raw materials that do not endanger groundwater and drinking water and do without artificial irrigation. In this way they can significantly reduce water consumption and bring it to people's awareness. 

In order to positively affect our world, Hydrophil products do not contain animal products nor are they tested on animals. The founders also argue that fair work deserves fair pay and they personally keep an eye on their value chain down to the smallest detail and ensure that their products are produced fairly. 

Hydrophil donates 10% of their profits to the non-profit organization Viva con Agua de Santa Pauli eV, which is committed to providing access to clean drinking water for people in countries of the global South.

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