Welcome to The Weekly Shop - a plastic free online shop based in the UK with the mission to encourage every household in Britain to eliminate single-use plastic from their weekly shop. 


The idea for The Weekly Shop was born from the belief that individual consumers and the collective power of social media could translate into mass purchasing power....

If every single household in the UK begins to reduce the amount of single use plastic in their kitchens, bathrooms and on the go lifestyle... policymakers and polluting corporations will sit up and take notice... and eventually eliminate single-use plastic packaging from their products.

The shop was founded, and is still solely owned and operated by its Canadian founder, Diana, who moved to the UK in 2014.

You can follow her own plastic free journey and watch some honest behind the scenes coverage of running the business on the shop's Instagram account.

The Weekly Shop is the first zero waste shop in the UK to donate 10% of profits to fund environmental and development projects worldwide. Learn more about this on the Projects page.


Where are you located? 

The Weekly Shop sells its products through its online shop as well as at various pop up shops and market stalls around London.

What's the wider purpose and vision for the brand?

VISION - To make the use of single-use plastic the next social taboo

MISSION - To encourage every household in the UK to reduce single-use plastic in their weekly shop and introduce the mainstream customer to plastic-free alternatives.

The brand is a vehicle for making wider, society-wide behavioural changes that are kinder to the environment. 

The way we - as consumers - choose to behave is an incredibly powerful force that has the power to shape our society.

If using a plastic-straw becomes as uncool as smoking indoors is today, the social pressure will one day completely eliminate any company from selling non-recyclable plastic or for any consumer to seek it. It's simply a manipulation of market demand and supply. 

We need to come together under a collective voice to get pro-environment policies passed in the UK.

Why are you donating 10% of profits to environmental and development projects?

The company was founded as a route to making larger, society wide changes that help the average consumer make slow and steady changes to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Traditionally, most businesses have focused on one bottom line - profit. A sustainable business needs to focus on the triple bottom line approach - people, planet and profit - and that's what The Weekly Shop is aiming to do. 

If you don't know what 'international development' really means, check out the UN's Sustainable Development Goals - which are 17 goals that governments, NGOs and organisations are working towards. They aren't the answer to everything, but they give you a pretty good idea of some of the improvements that need to be made worldwide. 

The zero waste lifestyle seems difficult and expensive. Plus I'm turned off by 'angry vegans' and others who preach about their better lifestyles.

The first thing to realise is that it can take a while to switch over to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and that you should be kind to yourself in the meantime.

This is not a "you're either in or out" type of community that you're joining. 

Think of it like practising yoga or going on a diet. You’re not competing against anyone else. It’s really just yourself and your own habits and behaviours that you need to change. If you’re the kind of person who needs to cut everything out cold turkey and completely switch to a plastic-free lifestyle, then go for it. If you need to take baby steps to keep yourself interested in the challenge, then go for it.

At end of the day, the only judgement that matters comes from within yourself.

What matters is that unlike other lifestyles, which often only benefit yourself, going plastic free will not only benefit your future environment but everyone's future environment. 

I want to reduce my plastic footprint. How do I begin?

To adopt a plastic free lifestyle, you need to use up all the plastic products in your life and as you slowly run out, you can begin to replace them with plastic-free options.

This might take weeks for your shampoo, months for your currently supply of makeup or more than a year for all your bottles of household cleaner.

If you can just switch over one single item for now, that's okay too. Over the next few years a whole host of new products and items will be developed that will make it easier than ever to make the switch.