The Weekly Shop partners with a selective group of zero waste brands that offer plastic free products and put sustainability at the forefront of their company's ethos.

The majority of these brands are British, offer handmade products and are vegan and cruelty free. New brands are added after being tried and tested - check back frequently to keep track of new additions to the shop.      
Ecostardust glitterBeauty KubesBen and AnnaHydrophilCacao Pow Deo Bar GeorganicsTsuno    LamazunaStasher Reusable Sandwich BagsTwool    Root7 Chameleon Water BottleKiteNest Truthpaste Plastic Free Toothpaste Tabitha Eve Plastic Free 
The Printed PeanutZero Waste Path Shop          Plastic free soap plastic free lip balm Soap FolkThe Beeswax Wrap Co.Cole & Co Earth Conscious plastic free deodorant  
 Mirins Copenhagen