Twine - Au Naturel (15 m)

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Twool Essential has been designed to be a simple, easy to use, pocket sized twine dispenser.

Wound on to card, Twool Essential twine is engineered with extra twist to be compact, strong, versatile and long lasting and is perfect for all those little 'Cut 'n' Tie' jobs around the garden.

Made from Dartmoor wool and entirely manufactured in the UK, this twine continues doing good after its working life by releasing nitrogen as it bio-degrades on the compost heap.

Use it for tying up gifts and parcels, hanging bunting, creating decorations, or giving a bit of extra hold to a sandwich wrapped in wax wraps.


  • Super sustainable general purpose twine 
  • 1 card of twine with 15m length
  • Reusable
  • Compostable at the end of its life
  • Made and manufactured in the UK