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'Medium Kitchen Pack' Vegan Wax Wraps

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The people, planet and vegan friendly alternative to cling film and tinfoil!

The Medium Kitchen Pack of vegan wax wraps from the Vegan Food Wraps Co. makes an excellent starter pack for your house as the first foray into the plastic free revolution.

The small wrap is great for covering jars, an avocado, small bowls or even the top of a bottle of wine after you have opened it.

The medium wrap is great for sandwiches or cookies.

The large is great for a medium or half a loaf of bread or bowls and casseroles.

This bundle has a wrap for every occasion!

The Medium Kitchen Pack includes:

  • 1 x large wrap
  • 1 x medium wrap
  • 1 x small wrap

Why use Vegan Wax Wraps? 

  • Vegan - These wraps are completely vegan with all ingredients sourced from the most sustainable sources possible
  • Planet Friendly - The vegan wax wraps were created in response to a growing demand for planet friendly alternatives to single use plastic. The reusable sandwich wraps could potentially eliminate a household's use of cling film, tin foil and plastic sandwich bags.
  • Biodegradable - These vegan wax wraps should last for up to a year, they can be cleaned easily and reused over and again. At the end of their life you can put them in the compost to decompose.
  • Easy to wash - You can keep your vegan wax wraps clean by easily washing with warm water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid.
  • Locally made - These wraps are made in Nailsworth, in the heart of the Cotswolds